Hemp has been used by humankind throughout the centuries. “Hemp” – The first thing that might flash through  the mind upon hearing this word is ganja, the image of a cannabis leaf. Generally, the hemp plant, scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa, is best known for three things: narcotics from its leaves, oil from its seeds, and white best fiber from its stem. Hemp comes from the eastern part of the world and has a history of use in the east of over 12000 years. It has many names: Ma in Chinese, Taima in Japanese and Ganja in Hindi/ Nepali. It is one of the most versatile plants in the world, and can be turned into varieties of many products.

It is a self-sustaining weed that can grow in many climates, but a mild humid climate (such as that of Nepal’s hill regions) is the most suitable for fiber production. And because this plant has been around in Nepal for centuries, Nepali people have used it for all its purposes historically. In a country like Nepal hemp is very useful as it can grow on steep land where irrigation is not possible. Hemp grows very quickly, without any pesticides or insecticides and can rely on just the rain.

Hemp is being used extensively in textile industry and we  have been working to bring you various hemp products and of good quality ; mainly from Nepal to create work for the people in the difficult middle hills and to let the next generation know how important it is to carry on using this versatile plant in Nepal. In Nepal hemp is retted using tradional methods and using no chemicals. The hemp that grows in the middle hills is not only organic but completely wild. This is the reason why we use and promote hemp in many of our products.

Hemp’s characteristics as a textile make it a desirable choice for many users:

  • Hemp is stronger and more durable than any other fabric. Products made from hemp will outlast their competitors for many years.
  • Hemp fabric also withstands every wash and even it gets better after each laundering. Its inherent luster and light reflective qualities are enhanced by washing; it becomes finer and more luxurious with use.
  • Hemp’s superior absorbency, due to its porous nature, means that it is very breathable and quick drying. It feels cooler in summer yet during cool weather, air which is trapped in the fibers is warmed by the body, making it naturally warm.
  • Hemp’s absorbency allows it to accept dyes readily and retain color better than other natural fibers, including cotton.
  • Hemp has a high resistance to ultraviolet light; it will not fade or disintegrate from sunlight as quickly as other fibers.
  • Finally, any product made of hemp is fully biodegradable and easily recyclable.